An Introduction

Welcome to this Common Nature (CN) website, put up in January 2013. There are two, related purposes for this site:

  • To introduce you to Common Nature and invite your participation and support.
  • To describe and advertise a beautiful, large property in southern New Hampshire that is for sale and especially well suited for group use as a place for education, retreats, a camp, farm, monastery, cohousing ecovillage, or similar purpose.

The Mission of Common Nature

The mission of Common Nature is to help humankind develop our innate capacities for mindful presence, compassion, and the realization of our vital interdependence with everything. These capacities are our common nature and the essential ground for a peaceful, kind, sustainable, flourishing self and world. In this time of enormous, human-caused crises that threaten the survival of life as we know it, we must cultivate this ground—in each person, our education systems, and cultures—to allow the inherent inclination toward goodness, love, and well-being in the hearts of everyone to blossom.

Us on the land

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